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Dongguan Senfeng Accessories Co., Ltd. is one of the medium-sized manufacturing enterprises specializing in the production of underwear materials in the highly competitive underwear materials field. Using medium and high-quality raw materials and novel styles and designs that cater to international trends, the most important thing is the shape and air permeability of the breast cups, providing medium and large underwear manufacturers with a stable quality, punctual delivery, and reasonable price. Professionally provide high-quality services and products for all kinds of underwear customers.

Senfeng Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It has a production plant of 6,300 square meters, more than 140 machines and equipment (double machines), more than 200 operators, and nearly 45% of professional and technical personnel. The average daily output reaches 50,000 pieces. We have excellent technicians and managers who are professional, responsible, dedicated.

The company is committed to excellent underwear mold cups, swimsuit mold cups, sponge cups, latex cups, silicone cups, water bag cups, bullet cups, cloth cups and rebound mold cups. Owning the industry's first-class mold cup workshop and professional production equipment, adopting 3D computer stereoscopic scanning design system, while firmly grasping the popular styles in Europe and America, we have successively designed some novel, light, soft, breathable and easy-drying functional new products. There are also various types of cloth cups, non-woven fabrics, TC cloth, polyester mesh and other products. In particular, the mold cup adopts medium and high-quality yellow-resistant sponge with good elasticity and a certain degree, which has environmental protection performance and provides you with high-quality products.

The company also provides Oeko-Tex-100 certificates and environmental test certificates of sponge glue. Fully implement the ISO9002 management system.

Steady management, high sense of responsibility and initiative, coupled with close cooperation with customers, continuous improvement and perfection of technology and equipment, professional production, quality assurance and quality service are the commitment of "Senfeng" to every customer from beginning to end.

Cooperating customers:COSMO LADY YISELLE REAL WILL PINKDEAR MANIFORM 6IXTY 8IGHT Healong MiiOW LOVE ESTEEM MEISEE DE•ULIFE Building Beauty DIFFANST Sharefun FengLian Jemis Divona.Cooperate with the specialized manufacture Hop Lun and SCAVI as well.

The tenet of Senfeng is: strengthening management, stable quality, punctual delivery and reasonable price

Our materials are divided into:

Sponge: 25 density, 30 density, 35 density, 40 density, 50 density, super soft (slow rebound) memory foam, latex cotton, standing cotton, interlayer cotton, space cotton, etc.

Fabric: waterproof cloth (mutispandex) 135 grams, waterproof cloth (superfine mutispandex ) 175 grams, plain weave (TC) 65/35, plain weave (TC) cotton, bamboo fiber, brushed cloth, jacquard cloth, etc.

Our main products are:

Jacquard Bra Cups, Lace Bra Cups, Foam Bra Cups, Stretch Bra Cups, Sports Bra Cups, Fill Bra Cups, Nipple Stickers, Single Lined Bra Cups, Double Lined Bra Cups, Bra Water Bags, Oily Bra Cups, Various Swimwear cups, single-layer cloth cups, double-layer viscose cloth cups.

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